Zapier Consulting

Do you need help with Zapier? Get help automating your business and integrating 3rd party tools so you can save time and focus on growing your business. Start by booking an introductory call.


Meet the Team

My name is Paul. My colleague, Warwick, and I are HUGE automation geeks and love working with clients to see how we can help them to save time and money by automating mundane tasks! We’re both Zapier Certified Pros and if you need help with automation, we’d love to chat!

Warwick Palm & Paul Minors

Our Zapier Consulting Services

When you work with us, you get to work with a team that’s flexible and will adapt to your requirements. Here’s what you get when you work with us:

  • Zapier account review and optimisation: If needed, we can start by reviewing your existing Zaps to make sure they’re well structure and optimised. We can help to streamline and consolidate your Zaps so you don’t spend more than you need to.
  • Set up new Zaps and link 3rd party tools. Need help link two services but you’re not sure what to do? We can set up and test any new Zaps you need to make sure your tools are linked and work well together.
  • Video breakdown and maintenance. We can provide a video walkthrough of each Zap so you (and your team) understand how it works and can make changes to it going forward. Alternatively, we can help to maintain and make changes in the future if needed.
  • Ongoing support. As you’re making a significant change to how your company operates, we want to make sure you succeed in the long-run. We provide long-term support options so you can outsource your automation requirements so you never have to worry about a Zapier error email again.

Start by booking an introductory callOn the call, I can learn more about your requirements, you can meet me and we can work out whether we’re a good fit for one another. I’ll then send you a no-obligation proposal that addresses the specific problems and objectives that you’d like to work on.

Paul worked with the Rich Dad team to help us evaluate our tools and determine the best way to automate our processes. He was very professional and pleasing to work with. Highly recommend!

Robert Kiyosaki, Rich Dad

Robert Kiyosaki

Does this sound like you?

I’m not sure how to setup my zaps and make my automations “work”. If you’re new to Zapier, working out how to set up a Zap so that it does what you want can be a real challenge. I’ll help you to set up your Zaps and automate your business.

I’m using Zapier and would like to get more out of it. Zapier is awesome and there’s an almost endless list of things you can do with it. I’ll help you to explore automation opportunities and set up new Zaps so you can cut down on tedious and repetitive tasks.

I want to automate stuff, but don’t know how! No problem, as a long-time Zapier veteran, I’ll look after all the fancy automation stuff for you so you don’t have to.

Paul was essential to getting us all on Asana and helping me overcome by change and decision making anxiety about switching to a new system. Further, he took the time to integrate Asana into Zapier and train me on how to use Asana/Zapier to automate important parts of our email communication process, that will save me the time of sending more than a thousand emails a year. He was very pleasant and easy to work with. Money well spent.

Sarah Summerall, Summerall Law

Here are some things we've automated:

In our business…

  • Add Calendly phone call bookings to Pipedrive. This way, new website leads and all their contract information are automatically added to my sales CRM (something that used to take 15 minutes to complete).
  • Add client meetings to my todo list. When a new client call is added to my Google Calendar, add an item to my todo list for this time/date.
  • Automatically add email receipts to a Dropbox folder. I’ve built a 100% handoff receipt management system so I no longer have to manually file and manage receipts or invoices.

And clients…

  • Automated onboarding emails for a law firm who uses Gmail and Asana. This means the client no longer has to manually send the same email to each new client.
  • Adding emails sent to clients to tasks in Asana. This meant the client could maintain a history of communication right inside their client’s project.
  • Update MailChimp subscriber details based on Pipedrive lead score. This allows the client to send emails based on the “hotness” of the lead.

What do the lessons cover?

When you purchase, you’ll get access to the following lessons via your customer account. This is a “go at your own pace” program where you’re free to view the lessons whenever you like:


  • 1.1: Introduction (4:10)
  • 1.2: Your Pipedrive vision and purpose (4:12)
  • 1.3: Planning your Pipedrive tech stack (8:50)


  • 2.1: Organisations, contacts, deals & leads (15:01)
  • 2.2: Setting up your pipeline(s) (28:24)
  • 2.3: Labels, data fields and products (42:40)
  • 2.4: Activities and lost reasons (14:01)
  • 2.5: Importing data from a CSV file (10:46)
  • 2.6: Using filters to find information (10:26)
  • 2.7: How to bulk update information (7:11)
  • 2.8: Setting up sales goals (16.02)
  • 2.9: Project management in Pipedrive (30:43)


  • 3.1: Planning your Pipedrive rollout (10:13)
  • 3.2: Define protocols and best practices (12:53)
  • 3.3: User permissions, visibility and teams (17:17)
  • 3.4: Training your team (recommended agenda) (8:49)

More videos coming soon… (Last Updated: October-2023)


  • 4.1: Using leads, contacts vs. deals (12:28)
  • 4.2: Activities, automation and calendar sync (20:10)
  • 4.3: Scheduling appointments with Pipedrive or Calendly (13:10)
  • 4.4: Email integration, templates, automation and bulk messaging (36:09)
  • 4.5: Calling via JustCall and the Pipedrive mobile app (14:05)
  • 4.6: Insights, dashboards and reports (21:18)
  • 4.7: Subscriptions, payment schedule and revenue forecasting (19:46)
  • 4.8: Creating Smart Documents in Pipedrive (12:17)
  • 4.9: Automating your sales process with Workflow Automation (24:29)
  • 4.10: Sending email campaigns (24:51)


  • 5.1: Create new contacts and deals with Zapier (18:45)
  • 5.2: Adding contacts to a newsletter or drip campaign (18:42)
  • 5.3: Posting Pipedrive updates to Slack (6:43)
  • 5.4: Auto-generate proposals and quotes with Pandadoc (9:35)
  • 5.5: Auto-generate contracts with Webmerge (13:25)
  • 5.6: Invoicing via Quickbooks or Xero (8:06)
  • 5.7: Using LeadBooster to get more leads (15:28)
  • 5.8: Linking Pipedrive to a project management system (13:23)
  • 5.9: My booking system and email automation explained (23:25)

What do the lessons cover?

When you purchase, you’ll get access to the following lessons via your customer account. This is a “go at your own pace” program where you’re free to view the lessons whenever you like:


  • 1.1: Introduction (4:28)
  • 1.2: Your Asana vision and purpose (13:23)
  • 1.3: Planning your Asana structure (17:31)
  • 1.4: Members vs. Guests (5:39)
  • 1.5: The Pyramid of Clarity (4:39)


  • 2.1: Setting up a project (42:00)
  • 2.2: Using workflows, custom fields, rules, tags & forms (44:16)
  • 2.3: Should you use projects or tasks? (e.g. clients, events) (16:10)
  • 2.4: Importing tasks from a CSV (4:38)
  • 2.5: Seeing the big picture with Portfolios & Workload (19:24)
  • 2.6: Creating project and task templates (35:52)
  • 2.7: How to manage meetings (15:10)
  • 2.8: How to move projects between accounts (7:22)
  • 2.9: Planning your goals in Asana (24:40)


  • 3.1: Planning your Asana rollout (10:23)
  • 3.2: Define protocols and best practices (22:41)
  • 3.3: Training your team (recommended agenda) (8:33)
  • 3.4: Improving the success of adoption (4:37)
  • 3.5: Customize your onboarding process (10:33)


  • 4.1: Use ‘My Tasks’ to plan your day (17:09)
  • 4.2: How to communicate in Asana (14:00)
  • 4.3: Checking the inbox (9:19)
  • 4.4: Sharing project status updates (7:36)
  • 4.5: How to use Asana and Slack (9:45)
  • 4.6: Keyboard shortcuts (4:16)
  • 4.7: Filtering tasks with advanced search (5:49)
  • 4.8: How to manage approvals in Asana (4:25)
  • 4.9: Best practices for assigning a task to a colleague or VA (8:38)
  • 4.10: Daily habits every Asana user should follow (8:29)


  • 5.1: How to create projects with subsections (8:37)
  • 5.2: Automating tasks with Zapier (19:12)
  • 5.3: Time tracking options (30:33)
  • 5.4: Creating a client-facing project (5:26)
  • 5.5: Multi-homing tasks into multiple projects (10:41)
  • 5.6: Creating reports in Asana (14:33)
  • 5.7: Creating automated checklists with rules (5:21)

More videos coming soon… (Last updated: June-2024)